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Concerned about the fit of an existing saddle?
Looking at new/2nd hand saddles but worried about fit?
As a qualified saddle fitter I can come to the location of your choice to help you find a saddle that fits.
We also have a selection of quality preloved saddles that may suit or if your looking for a new saddle we are appointed saddle fitters and resellers of Dapple, see below.

Saddle fitting costs £35 plus travel expenses at 40p/mile
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Uneven? Lumpy? In need of some Plumping?
Too low at the front or the back?
Too firm? or just in need of some TLC?
When was the last time you looked under your saddle at the panels?
They should be even in size, have no lumps and bumps and be of an even pressure throughout?

Flocking is what is inside the panel of the saddle, it is used to protect or cushion the horses back from the saddle and rider. Although it is there to protect the horse, badley maintained, lumpy or neglected it can cause problems such as muscle and back problems.

Even the best fitting saddle in the world can suffer with hard, lumpy flock and unevenly flocked panels which could cause your horse discomfort or affect his/her performance. It is therefore important to have the flocking in a saddle checked at least once a year, and also advisable to have a professional saddler or saddle fitter look at the saddle on the horse as they can look for un-evenness/build-up/lipping or breaching of the saddle.

Our Saddle Re-flocking service uses only 100% pure lambs' wool (traditionally horse hair was used but nowadays it is lambs wool or or a wool mix), which contains long fibres providing super springiness and resilience enabling it to recover quickly from compression over a long period of time.
In addition, commonly used synthetic or acrylic fibres are unable to breathe or soak up the oil and sweat from the horse and can subsequently turn hard and lumpy.

Lambs' wool being a natural material allows the saddle to breathe and soak up the sweat and oils from the horse’s coat which enables it to bed in to the horse’s shape over a few months, to form a well fitting panel.
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Looking at 2nd hand saddles but worried about fit?
We hold a selection of quality preloved saddles that have been given a full MOT check and the YSR seal of approval. When purchasing one of our preloved saddles you will receive our expert advice to ensure you buy a saddle that properly fits your horse.
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DAPPLE SADDLES - Made to measure
Appointed saddle fitter and reseller of Dapple
Dapple provides a comprehensive range of competitively priced and fully guaranteed saddles, to suit riders of all abilities.

We hold a stock of Dapple saddles and will ensure any saddle purchased properly fits your horse.
Dapple also offer a made to measure service for the difficult to fit shapes of horse.
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To enquire about Saddle Reflocking, please contact me by phone or email, or download the current price guide for a guide to costs - proper quotes are given upon sight of the actual job.
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